About us!

Nguyen Dung 25/07/2018


Founded on October 17th, 2016, TAPHAA CO., LTD brought to the market an exclusively unique idea: Family Bookshelf. This is the 2-in-1 combination of Shelves and Books which aims to create a perfect product. Shelves are made from long-lasting fashionable wood, designed and installed appropriately to fit the family’s spaces. Books are selected with themed categories (Literature, Philosophy, History, Economics…). Standard bookshelves have been constructed: Recommend for ages pre-fifteen Bookshelf, A Boy’s Bookshelf, A Girl’s Bookshelf, Detective Novels Bookshelf… During two years of operation, TAPHAA has been becoming a reliable brand, little by little, for family readers. From now on, instead of 10 years collecting books and 6-months constructing a bookshelf, it takes only 10 days for readers to own a perfectly beautiful bookshelf fitting the demand. 
Since we started conducting the idea of a 2-in-1 product, TAPHAA has been determined to connect different areas of business to meet book lovers’ need. Therefore, we have begun to expand into publishing market this year. With professional publishing counselors & a team of young, enthusiastic and well-educated employees, TAPHAA is performing three following books (names are Vietnamese-English translated):
- Oscar – the red carpet of Mom (Author: Bittersweet; Bookshelf Mom loves her child);
- Childhood Days (Author: Nguyen Hong; Recommend for ages pre-fifteen Bookshelf);
-  Thirty-six-street Hanoi (Author: Thach Lam; Classics Bookshelf).

Emphasizing two book categories which are Children and Literature, TAPHAA has built up the core belief system below:

TAPHAA aspires to be the best publishing house for families and a Vietnamese top business in supplying complete bookshelves.
- To be the reading-culture leader towards families, providing with the optimal solution for domestic reading space.
-  To contribute to cultural background of the next reading generation by orienting the core humanity values.
-  To raise Vietnamese’ knowledge in the asymptotic line of the world knowledge, bring elite of the world to every Vietnamese family – the cell of a society – to consecutively take Vietnamese’ knowledge to the next level.

1.    Faith: We always perform properly in spite of the whole or details.
2.    Great working environment: Every second of working is convenience.
3.    Innovation: Continuous improvement is our priority.
4.    Co-operation: We collaborate efficiently both inward and outward. 
5.    Open mindset: Every one of us is ready to receive new and different ideas.
With the above foundations and cores, TAPHAA has been continuously endeavoring and creating to become the trustworthy friend of more and more Vietnamese families and reading generations. We are together putting the first steps on the journey reaching out to the world.
To take our beliefs closer to reality.


Thank you!